Tattoo shops for art lovers

who make it a way of life

Macko™ is the tattoo brand for those who love art and make it a way of life. Macko™ conceives tattoo not just as self-expression, but as a manifestation of culture, permeating one’s identity at 360°. Tattoo as visual translation of values, passions, beliefs, belonging, stages, milestones… Life. If you choose for yourself a Macko™ piece you don’t just get a tattoo: you’re purchasing a unique work of art to bring along on your skin for the rest of your life.

The Macko™ team gathers more than 25 top level artists, selected by its founder Antonio Macko Todisco, the greatest exponent of Chicano Black ‘n’ Grey tattoo in the Italian scene. His team works in 7 different tattoo styles and 3 locations in Italy: Rome, Bari and Monopoli (BA), where everything started back in 2003.